Rainbow Boogie Woogie 2013  o/c 42 1/2" x 32"

Rainbow Rhode 2013 o/c 16" x 20"

This is the title piece to my last show. My good friend Michael bought it. The name references a certain level in a certain popular video game, where the colors, space and movement are so amped up and vibrant that a painting should find inspiration from it.

LMFAO OH! OH! 2013 o/c 32" x 42 1/2"

Beautiful Loser 2013 o/c 16" x 20"

80s POP 2013 o/c 32" x 42 1/2"

illusion, illusion 2013 o/c 16" x 20"

Flash Dance 2013 o/c 20" x 16"

Immaculate Deception 2013 o/c 24" X 30"

RMS 2013 o/c 36" x 24"

No Title 2010 o/c 34" x 34"

Tongue Lashing 2010 o/c 20" x 16"

Transcending Night 2007 o/c 32" x 26"

Vacuous Space 2007 o/c 36" x 24"

Green 2007 o/c 40" x 30"

Redeye 2007 o/c 32" x 40"

It was during 2006/2007 with many paintings, this one and Green (above), where the brush stroke became its own form. My dependence on drawing was reduced by forms built with brush stroke. Most abstractions can be explained with a system of metaphor.

Pelleas und Melisande 2007 o/c 35" x 35"

Six Little Piano Pieces 2007 o/c 35" x 35"

Fear and Wonder 2007 o/c 35" x 35"

This is the first of three "music" paintings which include Six Little Piano Pieces (above) and Pelleas und Melisande (above). I watched "Fantasia" in 2003 and thought a modern painted version would be spectacular. This idea went on hold for years. Recently I saw some George Condo jazz paintings and thought they were super. All the abstract expressionist paintings, Pollock among others, were based on jazz. They all have a similar rhythm. I became interested in music/movies/media unconsciously bleeds into painting. I played the respective music piece for each of these over and over during production. The space, paint application, palette, movements lining up with the score. I want to paint more songs, maybe "Bloody Well Right", "Cross-Eyed Mary", or some YES songs.

Japanese Volcano 2007 o/c 20" x 16"

I want this image on some punk album cover so bad. Yeah, yeah rock'n'roll, good for you!

2006 o/c 20" x 16"

Fulcrum happened quickly. It had everything I wanted, air, weight, gravity, density, speed. I swear if it didn't have that little swatch of pink it would be ruined.

Green Landscape 2007 o/c 36" x 36"

Green Landscape came as a happy accident. There are about three paintings underneath it. I was working on some other painting and it was near by leaning on a wall. I started throwing paint at it, then going back to what I was working on, I'd see it with fresh eyes again, more paint. In about three movements it was done.

V 2007 o/c 20" x 16"

SouthWest 2007 o/c 24" x 24"

Wrigley Field 2007 o/c 16" x 24"

I had traveled a lot this year to New Mexico and Chicago, I think I hit NYC too. I was jet set, it was awesome. It's fun traveling, being a new place with no expectations.

North of So South 2012 36" x 42"

I had created a zillion small format B&W landscapes. I was little scared to make such a large one. That's a lot of paint! I was super happy with how this turned out, still too scared to make another large one.

B&W Landscape Diptych 2011 o/c 12" x 24"

B&W Landscape #1 o/c 12" x 12"

This is the first Black & White Landscape. It is one of the few times I accomplished everything I intended. I started this series with a bunch of random sized smaller panels and canvases. Later 12" x 12" became the standard, they were easy to put together in a line or grid. I love the ease of making space with paint, two colors, a couple of movements and instantaneous space. These are completely artificial spaces, but could be any number of locations.

B&W Landscape #7 2006 o/c 12" x 12"

B&W Landscape #5 2006 o/c 12" x 11 1/2"

B&W Landscape #10 2006 12" x 10"

Driving Fast 2006 o/c 16" x 20"

Driving, Driving, Driving. The lull of being a passenger, zoning out, being too many places to remember, it becomes a blur.

Bed 2006 o/c 48" x 48"

Utopia 2006 o/c 38" x 57"

There were a lot of pieces around the turn of the century that were utopia pieces. This piece is more drawing than anything. The colors were thinned to a watercolor consistency staining the canvas.

Landscape 2005 o/c 24" x 48"

I started this painting about half way through Transcending Space. It was a very hard rectangular format. I knew a few tricks to fix this, and discovered a few more. They're no secret I just didn't know them. The foggy pink/blue/gray is super dynamic; it seemed to change every time I saw the painting. It's easy to make a landscape, just put in a horizon line. If the painting does not have one it becomes more object oriented, instead of spatially oriented.

Transcending Space 2005 o/c 42" x 48"

This is my first focused attempt at abstraction and one of my favorites. I was looking at De Kooning, Diebenkorn, Guston, thinking about Hoffman. I was constantly trying to build space and flatten it. There were a lot of mistakes I covered in this painting. It went back and forth from drawing to painting to drawing until some forms took hold. It was much easier to make decisions and move intuitively. The sense of weight, gravity, things falling, movement, un-veiling, revealing, flattening, stacking, compartmentalizing, transparency, ambiance, hard edges, blurred space, compressing, bending: it’s all there. This became a basis for future work.